Wednesday, 6 June 2012

A New Chapter For Gastro StreetStalker

Yesterday I had to pop Notting Hill for a quick business meeting and what better place to hit than Daylesford Organic on Westbourne Grove. One of my favourite areas in London. They do the most amazing juices and salads – all organic oof course! And a pizza to die for! I love the place on weekends, it’s filled with yummy Notting Hill types and a place I am totally addicted to, just sitting outside chilling with friends all afternoon, the perfect place for some serious Style Stalking! Here I also came to the decision, a very big decision to do something different with Gastro StreetStalker...

As some of you may already know I am the blogger behind Style StreetStalker.. my fashion blog, which I have to admit does hog a lot of Gastro Stalking time .. so I've been thinking how to solve this...

So I would like you, my gorgeous readers, to be the first to know that I am merging my food blog; Gastro StreetStalker with my fashion blog Style StreetStalker! A decision I have made so I can concentrate properly on my two passions in life.. yep food and fashion daarling!! I will be able to post far food than I have previously and I've already been posting some fabulous goodies.. my BBQ Porn is a must check out!!!

Food and Fashion... Although I have had a colleague shout across the office ‘OMG you’re eating an ice cream, yum, I might just vom up my malteasers and go and get one!!!’  -he was kidding of course, as it’s kind of a myth that people who work in fashion eat nothing but sugar snap peas and carrots, I myself is the number one fatty of all fatties and adore eating out as much as I love shopping.. So I have the pleasure to say…

Come and Stalk me on my fabulous food and fashion journey!


  1. oooo!! your prada clutch is definitely chic!! nice shots babe ;D and congrats on ur new food blog, I always wanted to start on some day too... Btw, I've recently begged a very provoking question on my blog that whether or not you think men are emasculated if they were to wear platform shoes, do you agree?

    xx nathan.niche

  2. I love it!! I really like your blog!
    You’ve got a new follower on Bloglovin! Hope you'll follow me back! ♥